Models :
Erberk Agency has trained many well-known mannequins and photo models in its history of 20 years. Most of them has achieved their current professional status with the help of the prestige of being a part of Erberk Agency family. In addition we have introduced many foreign models in Turkish fashion and introduction sector by cooperating with the most prestigious Fooreign Agencies of the world.

Advertisement artist :
Many advertisement artists from the sweet babies that you watch in TV and movies to 80 years old sympathetic men and women and serial film artists are in the team of Erberk Agency. There many samples to enumerate.

Dancer, animator, presenter :
Many fashion show organizations, dealer meetings, product introductions, TV competition programs became nice to watch productions with the help of Dancers, Animators and presenters of Erberk Agency.

Introduction hostess :
Fairs, introductions and shows, these are our job. The road to success in introduction goes through the selection of your assistants who would represent you in the best manner. Our introduction hostesses have until this day served successfully in many important fairs of fashion, Automotive, industry, computer etc.

Make up specialist & hair dresser :
They are the secret heroes of fashion shows, introduction activities, photography productions, they are master artists of Erberk family.

Photographer :
They are acrobats of vision and light whom became a well-known name in their own filed from industry to fashion, from architecture to product photographing. Under the difference of Erberk Agency.

Dubbing artist :
You can't see them, but through their voices, they are somewhat a member of our family.

Photography Production :
It requires expertise, creativity and team work to introduce the services and products of our customers to the target audience in the most visual and attractive manner. While working in this area, we give all service such as determination of concept for the firm, graphic design, determination of setting for photographic recording, decoration and design. We also render full service in printing press works. As Erberk Agency we give service to you with the below mentioned expert team for your photographic.

Fashion show organization :
Since its establishment, Erberk Agency has put its signature on organizations of fashion show and exposition. These include many little-medium scaled works and goes until organizations that were transformed into a much more detailed and visual feast. Our references are many to enumerate.

Product introduction works :
It is included in our creativity and expertise field to introduce to the target audience the services and products of our customers which were put into market anew in the most visual and attractive manner, in short in the best way.

Press and public relations:
This is the indispensable and basic complementary of organizations, shows, fashion shows and openings; this is the subject in which we are mostly expert.


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