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Erberk Agency that was established in 1987 with great excitement, hopes and wishes now finishes its 20th year. The only thing that remained unchanged in our business life where the first excitements left their place to professionalism, small fashion shows changed to big fashion shows, small introductions to very big organizations is our zeal and excitement of the first days. Today we became a professional company that carries on many activities like introduction organization, fashion show, press introduction and photographic production which means more than being a model agency. We see the place we have achieved like an award given to us due to the experience of many years and the works that were implemented. We have made successful works with many firms from textile to fashion, from food sector to tourism, from cosmetics to entertainment sector and we have put our signature to much bigger and different works with the help of our portfolio that is becoming more extensive with each passing day.

Being completely out of the classical model agency understanding, we are a big family that has included in its organization a project development & marketing team, press introduction, mannequin, photo model, dancer, animator, presenter, introduction hostess, make up specialist, hair dresser, photograph artist, dubbing artist, art director and technical team and we work to continue with the team that is getting larger each day.

Our areas of service are: Fashion Show Design, Dance Careography, Product Introduction Works, Back Stage Management, Stage, Fair Decoration and Design, Accessories, Music, Light and Sound Installation, Dia, Barko, Multivision Show, Show Effects, Setting Provision, Press Introduction, Catering Organization, Photographic Production, Video Recording, Dubbing, Sound Recording etc.

We don't say imagine, because on behalf of you we imagine and realize every thing. It is our greatest honor to have been awarded with ISO 9001international quality certificate in 1999 which was given for the first time to a model agency in Europe and in Turkey.

The above mentioned works are only a few of the ones we had been doing since 20 years. Our target for the next 20 years is to see our agency in a much better place.


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